Curious to find out how much a new patio for your Perth home or investment property would cost? Prices vary greatly depending on the patio roof style (flat, gable, dome, or mixed style and construction materials.
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Perth patio builder complete project time

How Long Does It Take A Perth Patio Builder To Complete Your Patio?

 One of the frequent questions Perth patio builders hear is “How long will it be when you complete my patio?” The answer will surprise most Perth homeowners and landlords. You see, once you accept the quote from your chosen Perth patio builder and pay the deposit, the patio builder will need to complete the patio design drawings and submit them to the relevant shire for approval. Each WA … [Read More...]

Outdooe patios Perth roofing sheeting

Maximising Your Perth Patio Roofing Design

Whilst colorbond metal roof sheets are extremely durable and UV safe, their use can result in a patio area that is a little dark. That's why many Perth patio designs incorporate plastic sheeting (polycarbonate) to improve lighting and add style to the patio area. Certainly for areas further south of Perth like Bunbury, Busselton, Albany, etc where the temperature can be a little cooler it's a … [Read More...]

A good Perth outdoor patio builder roof

Choosing A Good Perth Outdoor Patio Builder

When it comes to choosing a good Perth Outdoor Patio Builder there are several important things you should consider. For most home owners or property investors, price is an important factor. However, the last thing you want is an inexperienced Perth patio builder taking a long time to finish your outdoor patio, building it with cheap materials which could begin to corrode and rust after a year, … [Read More...]

Perth outdoor patio flooring

Great Looking Perth Patio Floor Options

Not too many Perth home owners would allow a new patio area with an unfinished floor. Here are some patio floor materials to consider: Tiles: Wooden deck tiles are easy to install with a snap- and click-together system. They usually come pre-finished but need oiling once or twice a year. Tiles also come in granite, slate and stone. Bathroom-style tiles make a deliciously cool Perth patio … [Read More...]

Various Perth Patio Roof Designs

Perth Patio Roof Options

FLAT ROOF - Just like the name implies, a flat roof is the same height all the way across. Flat roof patios are less popular now with roof designs like gable more in vogue. Flat roof patios have less overhead space than other patio roof designs and can give that closed-in, claustrophobic feel. However, this style of patio roof is perfectly fine for carports, or storage areas or for creating … [Read More...]

Outdoor patio backyard lighting

Fluorescent Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas

Patio lighting is crucial for enjoying your outdoor patio space after dark. When you're considering what to install, think about both functionality and aesthetics. First, the practical stuff. What will you use your outdoor patio for at night? Entertaining? Cooking? Relaxing with a book? Will you need a light strong enough to read by? Do you need spot lighting near the barbecue? Second, the look. … [Read More...]

Perth Patio Roofing Options

Hmmm, Which Patio Roof Material Do I Choose?

With outdoor living spaces an essential part of Aussie culture and housing design, patios are hugely popular. And the variety of patio designs is vast. For example, your choice of patio roofing impacts on the feel and function of your patio. You can choose metal sheeting like Colorbond steel, or one of the many polycarbonate plastic sheeting options. Opaque patio roofing, using ColorBond … [Read More...]

Outdoor patio lighting ideas

Lighting Ideas For Your Perth Outdoor Patio Area

Patio lighting is crucial for enjoying your Perth outdoor patio space after dark. When you’re considering what to install, think about both functionality and aesthetics. First, the practical stuff. What will you use your Perth patio for at night? Entertaining? Cooking? Relaxing with a book? Will you need a light strong enough to read by? Do you need spot lighting near the barbecue? Second, the … [Read More...]

Outdoor patio roof suntuf uv protection

Suntuf – Another Good Patio Roofing Option

 When it comes to selecting a patio roof, you’ll be considering: 1) how it looks 2) how long it will last 3) how much light and heat it will allow into your patio area. Suntuf polycarbonate plastic sheeting offers a range of patio roofing solutions. Suntuf makes an excellent choice of patio roofing because you can select something to suit your unique needs and tastes. There are clear and … [Read More...]

Outdoor patio decor ideas

Perth Patio Décor: Five Easy Ideas

The Aussie patio is more than an add-on – it’s an outdoor living space. Our Australian climate is gorgeously suited to outdoor living and having a patio is a luxury that links inside and outside. It’s the transition space between the insulated indoors and the fresh outdoors. Making this transitional living space attractive as well as functional can be as simple as these five cost-effective … [Read More...]

Outdoor patio roof laserlite diagram

Creative Designs With Laserlite Patio Roof Options

There are countless options when it comes to patio area and roof designs... Perhaps you envisage a shady, leafy, cool retreat filled with green potted plants. Or perhaps you’d love a sunny, warm alcove that lets in lots of light. Whatever you have in mind you'll need to choose the appropriate patio roofing material to achieve your outdoor vision. With solid roof materials like Colorbond steel … [Read More...]

Colorbond patio roof chart colours

Patio Roof Colours – ColorBond Steel

What colours does patio roof material come in? Well, if you've already spoken to a patio builder, then most of them work with a range of standard metal sheet colours made by BlueScope Steel called the ColorBond range. As of January 2013, Colorbond colours come in four ranges: Standard, Ultra, Stainless and Fencing. You can check out this website to see the … [Read More...]

Colorbond Patio Steel

Patio Roof Materials – Just What Is ColorBond Steel?

Colorbond® steel is used in many Perth patio constructions as well as in other backyard areas and on roofs. So what is Colorbond? Why is it so popular for patio roofs? One of the main reasons is that is made by a large Australian company - BlueScope Steel (a spin off from BHP). Here's what BlueScope Steel say about their Colorbond product... 1. Made for Australian conditions COLORBOND® steel … [Read More...]

Outdoor patio flooring options

Flooring Options For Your Outdoor Patio

Most people often leave the decision about an outdoor patio floor until last, leading to a very "broken" looking theme in the end. There are a number of great looking floor options out there starting from timber decking, brick paving, slate, stone, and even tile. So let's take a look at what each type can offer. Timber Floor Decking Timber seems to be the flavour recently. Whilst … [Read More...]

Outdoor patios sun uv protection

Outdoor Patios – Ideal Sun Protection Solution

With the powerful UV rays causing havoc on our skins, we have known for many years about the importance of sun protection. If you however, love spending summer days outdoors, and enjoy those weekend family BBQ's, then what options do you have? Well, aside from the normal sun block, hat and UV protective sunglasses, you can also go the extra mile and build a special outdoor patio for your … [Read More...]

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