Choosing A Good Perth Outdoor Patio Builder

When it comes to choosing a good Perth Outdoor Patio Builder there are several important things you should consider.

For most home owners or property investors, price is an important factor. However, the last thing you want is an inexperienced Perth patio builder taking a long time to finish your outdoor patio, building it with cheap materials which could begin to corrode and rust after a year, and a leaking patio roof during the winter months.

A good Perth outdoor patio builder roof

Another important consideration is drainage. Again, an inexperienced patio builder may not include sufficient water handling gutters and downpipes causing damage to your house roof during heavy rains.

So what should you look for in a good Perth outdoor patio builder?

Here are some questions you could ask:

  • Can you show me photographs of some of your Perth patio designs?
  • How long has your patio company be operating for?
  • Can you give me a few names of past customers I could call?

Beside asking those questions you could also:

  • Visit their website to see some of the completed Perth patio designs and work.
  • Obtain their ABN, visit this Australian government website and search for their patio company to see when it was established in Perth.
  • Do an internet search for their company to find write-ups on social sites from past customers.

SUMMARY: When choosing a good Perth outdoor patio builder reputation and experience is very important. Sure, price is a big factor, but you’ll be happier knowing you got a good patio builder at a fair price, and that your new patio will last for a good many years.

Great Looking Perth Patio Floor Options

Perth outdoor patio flooring

Not too many Perth home owners would allow a new patio area with an unfinished floor. Here are some patio floor materials to consider:

Tiles: Wooden deck tiles are easy to install with a snap- and click-together system. They usually come pre-finished but need oiling once or twice a year.

Tiles also come in granite, slate and stone.

Bathroom-style tiles make a deliciously cool Perth patio floor to walk on in a the hot summer, though beware of the potential slip hazard.

Concrete: Immensely durable, concrete flooring can be coloured, stamped, stained, stenciled and more. Attractive aggregates can be set into the slab such as pebbles and shells. The finish can be absolutely smooth or with a grip for safety.

Pavers: Pavers come in diverse materials such as concrete, sandstone and slate. They come in many shapes and sizes. They are easy to fit to the shape of your patio floor, and can be added onto at a later date. Maintenance is minimal and if a paver is damaged it can be spot-replaced.

Brick: Like pavers, bricks can be fitted to any shape and are tremendously durable.

Timber: Timber decking is a great option for the raised Perth outdoor patio. It can fit any house design and looks attractively natural. It requires more maintenance than pavers, tiles or concrete because it needs sealing.

Marble: A marble patio floor is the ultimate luxury. Cool, smooth, exquisite, durable.

When it comes to deciding upon which of the above Perth patio floor materials you ultimately choose, you will need to first consider a number of factors including:

  • Practical – if your Perth patio area is elevated then usually certain material types would be preferable e.g. timber.
  • Safety – Non slip is an important factor, especially in winter or around pool or spa areas.
  • Maintenance – Some Perth patio flooring options have higher maintenance costs than others.
  • Price – There can be a large difference in cost between the various Perth patio materials and cost of laying the floor. Go ahead and get a number of quotes from the many Perth flooring merchants and tradespeople.

There is the initial cost of laying the patio floor for your Perth home or investment property, but your investment will last for many years, especially with a little cleaning maintenance. A suitable patio floor will certainly enhance the use and look of your Perth patio area.

Flooring Options For Your Outdoor Patio

Outdoor patio flooring options

Most people often leave the decision about an outdoor patio floor until last, leading to a very "broken" looking theme in the end. There are a number of great looking floor options out there starting from timber decking, brick paving, slate, stone, and even tile. So let’s take a look at what each type can offer.

Timber Floor Decking

Timber seems to be the flavour recently. Whilst not as long-lasting and perhaps more maintenance intensive, timber sure does look great.

Oh, another good thing about timber decking is the ability to elevate an area or provide a deck in a sloping backyard.


This flooring option is perfect for adding that designer feel to your home. Natural slate is highly durable, non-slip, and also offers low water absorption and is anti-acid.


Tiles are easy to keep clean and are great for outdoor dining areas, or for outdoor patio area that you plan to use as an additional room.


This affordable option is best for outdoor patios that incorporate a paved pool area so that you get a more uniform look. They are also long lasting.


Of course, any of the above outdoor patio options are not cheap. You have to consider the cost of the product as well as the installation costs.

It’s certainly worthwhile exploring the various flooring options and getting a few quotes before making a decision and a purchase.

But once installed, any tile, timber, paving or slate is going to make your patio area look great.

Outdoor Patios – Ideal Sun Protection Solution

With the powerful UV rays causing havoc on our skins, we have known for many years about the importance of sun protection. If you however, love spending summer days outdoors, and enjoy those weekend family BBQ’s, then what options do you have? Well, aside from the normal sun block, hat and UV protective sunglasses, you can also go the extra mile and build a special outdoor patio for your home.

Outdoor patios sun uv protection

Sun Protection

With an outdoor patio that offers an advanced UV cover, such as the Colorbond product, you can now enjoy endless hours outdoors. The kids can play safely, and you can eat, read or simply relax outdoors, without needing to worry about constant exposure from UV rays.


Aside from the sun protection element, an outdoor patio offers you a brilliant entertainment area that is ideal for any party, BBQ, brunch, or other event as it is protected from the harsh elements and offers a large open space for party tables and more.

The extra living space you get from an outdoor patio that is completely covered with a protective ceiling solution including Solar Span, Suntuf Solar Smart or the top of the line Colorbond product, means that you basically get an extra room on your home, where can enjoy being outdoors, and fully protected from the harsh UV rays of the sun.

Perth Outdoor Patios: An Escape with Hidden Value

There is no doubt that “getting outdoors” allows you to unwind and relax, especially after a long work day! Not only can you escape the realities of everyday responsibilities and chores, you can enjoy some of “me” time all with the help of a Perth outdoor patio.

And the warmer weather in Perth lends to an outdoor lifestyle.

Besides the benefit of having an area for personal or social time, a outdoor patio will of course add value to your Perth home (providing it is of good quality and design).

Relaxing in an outdoor Perth patio

From a financial point-of-view, an outdoor Perth patio provides a pleasant living area that does not require any heating or air conditioning (besides say a fan or a gas heater in winter). A patio can be easily maintained all year long.

Some practical tips for choosing a Perth patio design include:
– Making the structure proportional to your home and front or backyard
– Ensure it provides a flow that connects the rest of your home in a cohesive manner
– Choosing a colour scheme and patio roof style that goes well with your existing house design and character

By adding little “extras” such as patio furniture, appropriate flooring or seasonal enclosures, you can create a custom space that is comfortable and provides additional value to your Perth home.

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Why Build A Perth Outdoor Patio

Adding an outdoor patio to your Perth home is a great idea to add an extra living space to your home, give your children a safe place to play with bikes and their toys, provide a shelter area for your pet(s) and a patio will increase the value of your home.

Of course, you can choose from DIY or have a professional company install your new patio. DIY is fine for a simple flat roof design over a small area (2x2m), but anything bigger or using a different patio roof style like gable or dome should be left to the professionals. Also, don’t forget that most areas require council approval. Your patio installation company will organise that for you too.

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