Maximising Your Perth Patio Roofing Design

Whilst colorbond metal roof sheets are extremely durable and UV safe, their use can result in a patio area that is a little dark.

That’s why many Perth patio designs incorporate plastic sheeting (polycarbonate) to improve lighting and add style to the patio area.

Certainly for areas further south of Perth like Bunbury, Busselton, Albany, etc where the temperature can be a little cooler it’s a good idea to consider patio roofing to let in sun, warmth and natural light.

Whether your home is north or south of the river choosing the roofing materials for your new Perth patio is an important design decision.

And of course, you can use plastic sheeting entirely, i.e. with no colorbond metal sheets.

Outdoor patios Perth roofing sheeting

Popular sheeting products like Suntuf SolarSmart by Palram, and Laserlite 3000 by Bayer Material Science come in different colours with varying heat and light transmission properties.

TIP: Ask your Perth patio builder for what they recommend when they come out to give you a quote on your new Perth patio project.

You will need to choose:

  • The colour of the plastic roof sheeting
  • The pattern (greco or corrugated)
  • The transparency (usually darker to block more light and heat)

By using plastic sheeting in your Perth patio design, you will be able to let in more light in any area or corner that requires it.

For example, if you are planning a patio wider than 3 metres, it’s a good idea to add one row of plastic sheeting along the space closest to your house (eaves).

In other words, you can mix in plastic sheeting with colorbond sheets to gain a good compromise between UV protection, durability and light transmission.

Check out some of the Perth patio design photos on this website.

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