Suntuf – Another Good Patio Roofing Option

 When it comes to selecting a patio roof, you’ll be considering:

1) how it looks

2) how long it will last

3) how much light and heat it will allow into your patio area.

Suntuf polycarbonate plastic sheeting offers a range of patio roofing solutions.

Suntuf makes an excellent choice of patio roofing because you can select something to suit your unique needs and tastes. There are clear and translucent options with different roofing profiles (corrugated and Greco). You can choose the amount of reflectivity. It’s immensely durable and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Outdoor patio roof suntuf uv protection

Here’s a summary of the basic types of Suntuf:

 • Suntuf Standard has five translucent and one clear sheeting option. The clear sheeting lets in maximum light and heat. This is great for cooler climates where winter warmth on your patio is a priority. The translucent options let in 20-44% light and 33-48% heat. They’re good for patios needing some light but not too much heat.

 • Suntuf SolarSmart comes in three translucent colours offering diffused or semi-diffused light and low glare. SolarSmart sheeting is heat reflective with 99.9% UV blockout and blocks out near infra-red radiation too (i.e. heat). Excellent choices for patio area sun protection all year round.

 • Suntuf SolarSmart Selective is even more efficient than the SolarSmart range when it comes to heat reduction and reflectivity. Two translucent colours offer heat reduction of up to 85% and minimal glare (with 15% light transmission). These suit year-round very hot climates (like Perth) where it’s important to have a cool outdoor patio space.

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