Fluorescent Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas

Patio lighting is crucial for enjoying your outdoor patio space after dark. When you’re considering what to install, think about both functionality and aesthetics.

First, the practical stuff. What will you use your outdoor patio for at night? Entertaining? Cooking? Relaxing with a book? Will you need a light strong enough to read by? Do you need spot lighting near the barbecue?

Outdoor patio backyard lightingSecond, the look. Do you fancy no-frills plain white lighting? Something flamboyantly eye-catching or something discreet? Do you want coloured lights?

Florescent lighting designed for exterior use offers a variety of options. Have a look at the Clipsal range for some ideas. This kind of outdoor patio lighting is suitable if you want constant lighting for long periods because it’s energy efficient and minimises costs. It comes with a choice of bar, square or circular housing. It’s a no-frills basic system for patio lighting.

ANL Lighting have a series of weatherproof batten type fluorescent lights for outdoor use. The T5 series features electronic allast and ultrathin tubes for energy saving and easy installation. The product is proofed against dust and standard water jets.

The T8 series has similar features but acrylic diffusers and tri-phosphor tubes are also available. The T5 and T8 emergency battens stay on even if there’s a power failure. This might be a consideration if you live in thunderstorm or cyclone-prone areas where power cuts are likely in an emergency situation.

Perth Patio Décor: Five Easy Ideas

The Aussie patio is more than an add-on – it’s an outdoor living space. Our Australian climate is gorgeously suited to outdoor living and having a patio is a luxury that links inside and outside. It’s the transition space between the insulated indoors and the fresh outdoors.

Outdoor patio decor ideas

Making this transitional living space attractive as well as functional can be as simple as these five cost-effective ideas for patio décor:

1. Coloured cushions
Cushions make versatile seats, pillows and backrests. They’re also a wonderful way to add colour to your patio décor. It’s cheap and quick to make your own, or there are masses of ready-made cushions to choose from. Your theme can vary from serene neutrals to exotic Indian covers with mirrors and beads.

2. Paint a bench
Got an old garden bench that’s seen better days? Paint it up. If it’s slatted, paint the slats in bright beachy colours: blue, red, yellow and white. Or match the colour to your existing patio décor.

3. Candles
Any supermarket stocks candles. A citronella lantern is a good bet for outdoor barbecues – looks pretty and keeps the mozzies away. Try tealights in wineglasses for evocative evening lighting.

4. Solar lamps
Solar lamps are popular these days and most hardware stores stock an increasingly impressive range. Attaching a row of solar lamps to a spot like your patio railing is a great safety idea and looks spectacular at night.

5. Potted colour
Sometimes less is more. Buy a single potted flowering plant like a purple petunia or elegant lily and place it in the centre of your patio table (if you have one). Or grow nasturtiums in an old watering can and do likewise.

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