Flooring Options For Your Outdoor Patio

Outdoor patio flooring options

Most people often leave the decision about an outdoor patio floor until last, leading to a very "broken" looking theme in the end. There are a number of great looking floor options out there starting from timber decking, brick paving, slate, stone, and even tile. So let’s take a look at what each type can offer.

Timber Floor Decking

Timber seems to be the flavour recently. Whilst not as long-lasting and perhaps more maintenance intensive, timber sure does look great.

Oh, another good thing about timber decking is the ability to elevate an area or provide a deck in a sloping backyard.


This flooring option is perfect for adding that designer feel to your home. Natural slate is highly durable, non-slip, and also offers low water absorption and is anti-acid.


Tiles are easy to keep clean and are great for outdoor dining areas, or for outdoor patio area that you plan to use as an additional room.


This affordable option is best for outdoor patios that incorporate a paved pool area so that you get a more uniform look. They are also long lasting.


Of course, any of the above outdoor patio options are not cheap. You have to consider the cost of the product as well as the installation costs.

It’s certainly worthwhile exploring the various flooring options and getting a few quotes before making a decision and a purchase.

But once installed, any tile, timber, paving or slate is going to make your patio area look great.

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