Hmmm, Which Patio Roof Material Do I Choose?

With outdoor living spaces an essential part of Aussie culture and housing design, patios are hugely popular. And the variety of patio designs is vast.

For example, your choice of patio roofing impacts on the feel and function of your patio. You can choose metal sheeting like Colorbond steel, or one of the many polycarbonate plastic sheeting options.

Perth Patio Roofing Options

Opaque patio roofing, using ColorBond sheeting and other options, is ideal protection from the heat. With an opaque roof  your patio becomes a cool, shady retreat.  This is important in hot areas like Perth.

And in cooler areas (further south) – it’s a good idea to consider an amount of transparent patio roofing to let in sun and warmth and natural light.

With modern polycarbonate materials it’s possible to choose patio roofing with a mix of benefits. These plastic sheets are durable, reflective and come with a range of colours and qualities. You can select the amount of light and heat you’d like your roof to transmit or reflect.

In the Perth climate, for example, you might want your roof to let in plenty of light but not too much heat. Have a look at these two products, and you’ll see how this can be done:

  • Suntuf SolarSmart by Palram – comes corrugated or Greca (squared) in different colours with varying heat and light transmission properties.
  • Laserlite 3000 by Bayer Material Science – comes corrugated or Greca (squared) in different colours with varying heat and light transmission properties as well.

 Ask your patio builder to show you their roofing products and explain the differences between them.

Suntuf – Another Good Patio Roofing Option

 When it comes to selecting a patio roof, you’ll be considering:

1) how it looks

2) how long it will last

3) how much light and heat it will allow into your patio area.

Suntuf polycarbonate plastic sheeting offers a range of patio roofing solutions.

Suntuf makes an excellent choice of patio roofing because you can select something to suit your unique needs and tastes. There are clear and translucent options with different roofing profiles (corrugated and Greco). You can choose the amount of reflectivity. It’s immensely durable and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Outdoor patio roof suntuf uv protection

Here’s a summary of the basic types of Suntuf:

 • Suntuf Standard has five translucent and one clear sheeting option. The clear sheeting lets in maximum light and heat. This is great for cooler climates where winter warmth on your patio is a priority. The translucent options let in 20-44% light and 33-48% heat. They’re good for patios needing some light but not too much heat.

 • Suntuf SolarSmart comes in three translucent colours offering diffused or semi-diffused light and low glare. SolarSmart sheeting is heat reflective with 99.9% UV blockout and blocks out near infra-red radiation too (i.e. heat). Excellent choices for patio area sun protection all year round.

 • Suntuf SolarSmart Selective is even more efficient than the SolarSmart range when it comes to heat reduction and reflectivity. Two translucent colours offer heat reduction of up to 85% and minimal glare (with 15% light transmission). These suit year-round very hot climates (like Perth) where it’s important to have a cool outdoor patio space.

Outdoor Patios – Ideal Sun Protection Solution

With the powerful UV rays causing havoc on our skins, we have known for many years about the importance of sun protection. If you however, love spending summer days outdoors, and enjoy those weekend family BBQ’s, then what options do you have? Well, aside from the normal sun block, hat and UV protective sunglasses, you can also go the extra mile and build a special outdoor patio for your home.

Outdoor patios sun uv protection

Sun Protection

With an outdoor patio that offers an advanced UV cover, such as the Colorbond product, you can now enjoy endless hours outdoors. The kids can play safely, and you can eat, read or simply relax outdoors, without needing to worry about constant exposure from UV rays.


Aside from the sun protection element, an outdoor patio offers you a brilliant entertainment area that is ideal for any party, BBQ, brunch, or other event as it is protected from the harsh elements and offers a large open space for party tables and more.

The extra living space you get from an outdoor patio that is completely covered with a protective ceiling solution including Solar Span, Suntuf Solar Smart or the top of the line Colorbond product, means that you basically get an extra room on your home, where can enjoy being outdoors, and fully protected from the harsh UV rays of the sun.

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